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Day 36- 38- Life's a Beach!!

Bondi Beach, Byron Bay & Surfer's Paradise!

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After spending the morning catching up on our laundry (the boring yet essential part of traveling) we headed to the famous Bondi Beach! Although the clouds took a little while to lift it was still a lovely warm day and perfect for the beach and chance to try out our new sand resistant beach towels! Bondi was as expected lovely soft white sand and pretty busy. Although still quiet in comparison to an English beach on a hot bank holiday. It was good to have a bit of a relax and not to worry about the time too much or where we had to be for a while.

Iz does love a beach. Me ... I get a little bored after a while. To appease me and to cool down we jumped in the sea and while singing Waves by Mr Probz we tackled each huge wave that came our way ???? (in honesty I think the sea won. But we would be ready for round 2!). After a little more crisping we checked out a few shops before back to the hostel for food and to grab our bags for our next overnight bus!


The next destination on our stop was Byron Bay, where we would spend one night. The bus ride was a lot less dramatic than the first with the only notable mention was a 5am stop at a service station with a McDonald's... We got nuggets despite not even really being hungry (we have a problem!). We arrived into Byron around 9.30 and dropped our bags off at our hostel (Aquarius). This looked one of the best hostels yet. A lovely bar, pool table, table tennis table, swimming pool and even a PS4 with FIFA! The whole place seemed to have a good vibe too, so we were happy. It is always a bit of a roulette with picking hostels; as even if you read the reviews different people want different things. This one was the most expensive one so far but there wasn't an awful lot here and two main perks were it was close to the beach and the bus stop. Something we were very grateful for when lugging our 20kg bags plus luggage in the 28 degree heat.

This was by far the hottest place we had been so far and the whole place looked like a holiday resort. After ambling around a few shops mainly looking at swimwear we weren't going to buy and toying with the idea of getting another decoration it was to to the beach. Even though it wasn’t massively different to Bondi, I liked it more. Maybe as there were more families and it brought back good memories of summer holidays as a kid.

We basically repeated yesterday's activities, appreciating that we were sat on a beach the other side world while friends and family would be about to embark on another day at work. Everything was going so well until Iz screamed and started panicking saying that it felt like her arm had a strong electrical current running through it coupled with painful shocks. Not knowing what it was we headed out the sea, trying to get the pain to go away. Everything went through our heads from could it be a stroke or was it just a jellyfish. I was quite worried and didn't know what to do. Iz was being really brave and it seemed to be subsiding a bit. But red lasertation like whip marks and little bubbles likely the kind you get after touching stinging nettled appeared on her skin confirming (after a Google) it must have been a jellyfish. We went to see if the lifeguard would have anything to help and it became apparent Izzy wasn't the only victim of these bluebottle jellyfish. One guy had way worse stings all over his back. They were handing out ice in bags and didn't appear too worried which put our minds at ease. He told us that to hold the ice on the stings and the pain and marks should subside in hours. Sure enough he was right and now it looks nothing more than light scratch marks on Izzy's arm. I wish I took a photo at the time but my mind was elsewhere. I guess this is just one of the dangers of swimming in Australia and it seemed something that was fairly common. Least it wasn't a type that can seriously hurt or kill.

Being a sucker for a market we wondered around the one near the beach before the sun got too much and we went to officially check in the hostel. Our room lived up to expectation although a little stuffy. After booking our great barrier reef scuba dive we got a few drinks and played some table tennis before lining up for some promised free food. It may have only been pasta but it was good and free!

We were then just going to head to the room and watch Netflix or something but I suggested a walk instead. With the warm evening, why not. This turned out to be a great idea! The streets were alive with people of all ages and live music could be heard everywhere, again a bit like a holiday resort but a cool one. We assumed the music was coming from pubs but as we walked realised that most were just buskers. But unlike London these buskers were good and attracting huge crowds that were spilling into the road. But again unlike England instead of the cars beeping horns and getting angry they just slowly drove past or also wound down the window to listen. It was such an odd but lovely vibe. We stopped to listen to one guy with a gravely voice that looked like the lead singer from Nickelback, joining in the cover songs. Then headed to the next guy located on a little bit of grass. Everyone was just sitting, drinking and listening to his original songs. It felt like we were at Glastonbury! Yet it didn't seem organised and there was no advertising for it. We started to wish we were there for more than one night as we both started to fall a little bit in love with Byron Bay and enjoyed this little evening together.


Next day was time for another bus and another place; destination Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. The bus was an hour late arriving but with the our new location also being an hour behind Byron we didn't lose anything #timezonesaving! We only had an afternoon here so couldn't really get up to too much. Although the plan was to spend another day checking out another beach when we saw the hostel pool we decided to save our legs! There wasn't many hostels this close to the beach and bus stop but we chose well. This is probably the best hostel we have stayed in (Bunk). It has similar facilities to the last one but just on an improved scale. Everything looks modern, clean and new. Again it's a shame we only have one night here but had 3 in the Melbourne one!

Once dry after the pool we had a mini explore and bought a few gifts (send help!) before a chilled night at our hostel. Well when it's this good... Why leave ????.


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