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Day 87- Disney Sea & Geek Out on Tokyo Day 2

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28th February
Up and out... in to the blustery winter! First job for today- coats! Made our way to a huge Uniqlo. Being torn between needing a coat and not wanting to spend £50 on new coats that we wouldn't need past this month. Score! They had a sale. We found our respective coats but they didn’t have mine in the right size so we bought Andy’s and made our way to a different Uniqlo in hope of the same coat in the right size. The second Uniqlo of the day was tiny and definitely not the coats we needed. We seemed to turn the morning in to Uniqlo hopping. Our third one was more successful having the coat we were searching for (although still a size too small but better than nothing!).

Ironically, the second we stepped out of our final Uniqlo the sun belted down! We had a plan for the day so made our way to our first stop; Akihabara- the main pop culture area of Tokyo. Huge arcades 8 or 9 floors tall! Anime and Manga shops mixed in with grab machines and pocket ball machine. The whole area is crazy, bright flashing lights everywhere, the whole height of the buildings. We marveled at how quiet it was still. It’s a strange juxtaposition; the lights and shops so loud on the eyes but the area is almost silent on the ears.


We’re assuming it’s quiet due to the Coronavirus, at a benefit to us. Having been expecting a fast pace, busy, bustling city- it was a nice surprise at the slower paced, quiet, peaceful city. This virus really is a being a double edged sword for us. As the benefits are heavily outweighed by the negatives we are trying to grasp any positives possible. We’d planned to see Hanazono Inari-jinja Shrine, located within a little city park but we spent so long meandering around Akihabara, gawking at all the shops and side streets we ran out of time. Instead we needed to head to our next stop of the day... DisneySea!! We were sufficiently prepared in our treat purchases from Manila that you can see in the first picture above.

We were both very excited about this! Tokyo Disney have a pass called ‘after 6 passport’, it does what it says on the tin. Access after 6pm for a cheaper price. Japan is the only place in the world with a DisneySea so we opted for that one over Disneyland. Having done some research we knew there was a Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast, very excited about both of these! We arrived about 40 minutes early, assuming they’d be a big queue to get tickets. We walked straight up to the ticket booth and again, assumed we must be so early we’d missed the crowds. It was interesting that we were the only foreigners, everyone else was Japanese- mainly 16 or 17 year old teenagers in school uniform. (How cool would it be to live in a place you can just go to Disney after school!). Was it tourist-less because of the virus?

Once in park, trying to contain our excitement, we went to watch the next show ‘Mickey and Friends visit New York’. Within a few seconds of the show beginning we came to the assumption they don’t get many tourists here, the show was entirely in Japanese. Too excited to care we could understand the gist of the story. Making our way to Toyville (Toy Story area), it felt christmassy being dark, cold and fairy lights everywhere. Since we missed a normal cold Christmas last year, we let ourselves indulge in the feeling for the night.


Next up was Port Discovery and a ride similar to teacups but on water, we hadn’t planned to go on any rides- assuming queues would be an hour plus and only having 4 hours to discover the park. Since there was no queue at all we decided to hop on, what was interesting was there was two of the same ride. This seemed super efficient as it cuts the wait in half at busier times! We couldn’t come to this area and skip the Nemo stuff! Another queueless ride- StormRider, sounds adrenaline inducing... but it’s Nemo themed so couldn’t be too scary! We all shuffled in to a holding hall type thing where a woman explained the back story of the ride... we assume, again, it was in Japanese so we don’t actually know. In to the VR simulator underwater pod to follow the characters from the film on Some quest.. again, not really sure what’s going on as the characters are talking Japanese too.

The whole place is so quiet, compared to Disney in Paris where you can barely move around. Quick dash through the Lost River Deta, stopping off in the Coco area before making it to the Mermaid Lagoon. This area was incredible! The sets were unreal. It was actually like being in the film. The photos don’t do it justice. We took advantage of the lack of queues and jumped on a few more rides. Time to go and pretend to be Princess Jasmine. This area was even more impressive, it was like stepping in to an Arabian palace! One last ride, Aladdin carousel!


We’d had a great first full day in Tokyo, it’s so fun exploring together, one of the reasons we work so we’ll together, we’re balanced in all the right places. We know appropriate times for quiet reflection while wondering around shrines but on the flip side, we can be children at Disney. We’ve spent the evening laughing together, running around, squealing and generally enjoying each other’s company. Also we have since found out that the Disneyland has been closed due to the virus and we went on the last possible day before the temporary shut down! Phew! Someone is giving us a bit of luck!

Small side note: they have a Disney character here called Duffy the bear- he’s taken over all shop merchandise and him and his friends suck!

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