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Day 88- The Craziest Show on Earth at The Robot Restaurant!

I don't even know how you describe what we saw... But read on to see me try!

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29th February


Day 3 into our Tokyo experience and we are loving this place. Seriously we hope that the rest of Japan lives up. Iz had today's itinerary all sorted and it was off to Shibuya Crossing first; famous for being the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. It is a scramble crossing surrounded by huge TV screens flashing adverts as people are constantly pouring across the street in all directions. On tune with our recent traveling experiences this crossing was quieter than normal, most likely a result of the spreding virus, yet as you can see it was still a sight. We took up a pew at a Starbucks that overlooked the crossing for the full experience before taking it turn to star in a video of us crossing across the street.


Spot where's Wally (tip best to mute the videos to avoid the annoying Starbucks background noise)

Once we had our fill of people watching we had a wander around the local area. With a number of shops and capsule machines visited it was time to head across town to Kabuki-cho for the infamous robot restaurant we had read so much about. Our expectations were high as it had featured on every "top things to do in Tokyo" list we had read and it cost a pretty penny for the privilege. But this show was exactly the kind of thing we were looking to experience in Japan. For context all we really knew was it was a high energy robot show with the option of food, however the food did not receive the same hype.

Intrigued and a little excited we took some photos with a robot outside as we awaited our invitation to enter. Once out the lift we entered a brightly coloured area where a guy dressed as a robot played guitar and the restaurant employees tried to convince you to buy food, drink and tacky souvenirs. The room was small and we both figured this couldn't be where the action went down. We were proved correct and had to walk down a number of flights of stairs each with a loud, colourful and crazy decor. However the actual room was much smaller than we expected with around 7 rows of chairs on either side of a small runway. I'll tell you now it is probably lucky that the lack of food and illness had made us lose some pounds as the squeeze to get into the seats would have been even tighter. This venue is not for the big boned!


Once the food carts had been rolled away we were asked by the voice over if we were ready for the crazy, wacky, mental show. Errmm... Hell yeah! We really had no idea what to expect. That's probably as I don't think you can really explain what it is we saw.... But for your benefit I'll try. The voiceover guy was correct in his description. It was split into 4 sections, which as far as I can had no underlying theme. Everything seemed random, loud, crazy, energetic and just full on. To give you an idea the first section involved a fight between two rival gangs all in dramatic costume each with a leader on some kind of huge robot. Then out of nowhere two sword fighting samurai's before a break to catch your breath.

Next up another fight between some Godzilla looking aliens and zoo animals (a Panda, Tiger and crocodile), until they were defeated and a huge robotic Panda came out and just bounced and belly flopped into them all making them retreat. It was so weird, yet oddly enjoyable. The actors certainly were working hard and the size of the robots alone were impressive. Next up a giant toad, a flying turtle with rockets and a massive lobster. All falling victim to the aliens. What it needed was a massive gorilla to come in and kill one of the leaders. Before two dragons and some Daenerys wannabe finished them off. It was so random and a complete assault on the senses.

After the victory we were treated to a an visually entertaining dance from a number of people with colourful LED tubing attached to them and lasers. Again with random robots turning up to join in the fun. During another break we were handed our own light up sticks ready for the finale which composed of massive robot floats celebrating a number of countries around the world and diversity, which was a nice and less confusing message to end on. After a quick picture with one of robots (again this picture opportunity at the end seems to be an important aspect of any entertainment here) it was back to the real world. Well the slightly less crazy world of Tokyo. Would I go again?... No. Would I recommend you to go?... Yes purely just to experience the craziness for yourself just don't go with too high expectations and listen to the other reviews don't get the food; it should be called robot show not restaurant.


An example of the craziness:

We checked out the area and some of the many arcades here. They really love a grabber machine. There are arcades everywhere and they are always full. To be fair we have seen a number of people win (varying qualities of prizes); some of it is clearly skill but they do also seem to be fairer on the win ratio than the likes of Skegness! We even witnessed some people undertaking the live action Mario kart; whereby they let you drive go karts dressed as various characters that integrate with the usual Tokyo traffic! It must be so annoying if you are just on your way back from work. We really wanted to do this when we heard about it when looking at Japan sat back in our London flat, however neither of us had the necessary driving experience. Based on the scared and some bored looks on the faces of the go kart drivers maybe it was for the best, it must sound more fun than it is in reality... That or it was one dull birthday party!

Although we hadn't done too much we felt pretty exhausted. To be fair we had again done a lot of walking. You don't realise how much you do when traveling when just wandering around. So we decided a beer was needed and a craft one at that. We had researched one nearby with the plan being always to finish there with food... However unfortunately Google maps had not informed us that the place no longer existed. Feeling deflated but wanting to be beaten we headed to another location for a pint and some food. But again we were out of luck. Our back up choice of a British pub was also closed for some reason we couldn't read. Disappointed we couldn't have the bangers and mash we craved we dived into KFC needing some comfort food. This fed us and Iz liked her teriyaki burger but the portions (like the menu choice) were small. With nothing left on the hit list it was back to the hostel for sweets and a film in our little pod!


Side note the Japanese seem to love crazy flavours of popcorn (caramel and cheese anyone... Obviously we bought it and it was odd but not too bad actually!):


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